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I’ve been writing poetry since my high school years and earned a Bachelor’s degree in jazz performance. Three wedding bands and one original project later, I returned to writing when a friend of mine asked me to work with him on one of his screenplays. It was during this time I realized I had a natural ability for telling stories; however, I didn’t enjoy writing. I used to call myself a reluctant writer as I did it simply because it made me feel less unhappy.

It wasn’t until I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening that I started to find more focus within myself. The years that followed were tough. I had some pretty intense visions and insights that led me to abandon religion, politics and all forms of ideology. You could say my world-view was challenged, defeated and destroyed. I’m now an empty canvas and prefer to remain in this state. For me, it’s the most creative…and interesting way to experience life.

I consider myself a spiritual objectivist, neither defining nor denying my experiences but rather enjoying them as they happen. One of the messages I received while meditating best sums up my attitude.

“It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s all about the experience.”

I’m no longer a reluctant writer and have become more compassionate as a result of what happened to me.

I never imagined I’d ever write a book, never mind a series. With my short attention span, getting through one screenplay was a challenge…and I managed to squeeze out ten! My debut, Unison, was my most recent screenplay, and it took place in one setting with few characters. When I wrote it as a novel, it expanded into an epic quest. Writing became like magic, and I fell in love with the craft.

I grew up loving Star Trek. The characters and themes captivated me and made me want to do something visionary in scope. But I didn’t know how or in what way. I eventually found my own visionary path when I wrote Unison, which is a classic hero’s journey story. I was able to combine the unique elements of science fiction with metaphysics and spirituality.

People have suggested I write a book about the lessons I learned. Maybe I will some day, but I prefer to express myself through stories with a spiritual theme but that also excite me to write.

During my free time, I love to spend time with my daughters talking, hiking or just acting silly. I also recently returned to my first passion: singing, which resulted from writing Jessie’s Song.


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  1. Kunal says:

    I have ransacked net for people with spontaneous kundalini.i am in second year of my kundalini.during first year I was mad,during 2nd depressed and now in third year I am pretty stable.thousands of questions keep buzzing in my mind always…what will life be after this shit is over…will I ever feel connected to people ,,will I be able to love someone…will healthy sexuality return ….do you have any answer

    • Eleni says:

      There really is no answer. I think all the questions you have come with the territory. It seems to happen to most people who have the experience. I recently read Philip K. Dick’s Valis. It’s a fictional/semi-autobiographical account of what he calls a theophany. However, if you read how he describes it, it’s kundalini. As I read the book, I noticed similarities. Life will be what you make of it. That’s all I can say on the subject. I dumped all forms of dogma because of what happened to me and take in the experience of life without trying to define it as that nearly drove me crazy. I’m happy now, so it’s possible.

    • Kunal, Thank you for your posting. On weekends I spend much of my time reading other authors websites and blogs, an inner therapy of keeping in touch beyond the reach of my grasp.
      I agree Eleni is describing what is believed to be a theophany or kundalini effect properly, but please allow me to add to this answer to a small degree. In teaching basic to higher meditation techniques, there is a baseline situation of realizing that you are troubled by the flood of thoughts, and I believe this is some of that you describe as being a madness.
      Please be at peace with this, spontaneous thoughts are not a sign of lack of growth, or a sign of disharmony. This is just a sign of release of tension and stress of the mind, and the best way to drop the negative feeling over upsetting thoughts is to not deal with them, just let them settle. Gently return the mind to the task of moving on, thoughts are natural and spontaneous, not a sign of unwanted things hindering higher personal growth. In time, with regular practice, these will pass to gentler and exciting thoughts that are not distractions or added stress.

    • Wayne B says:

      Hi Eleni, and Kunal.

      What a strange ‘coincidence’, stumbling across this site and finding these comments! Though it’s been a while since you wrote. Is that bad etiquette? :) First of all, my experience with spontaneous kundalini awakening was so similar. K-pow! Satori! Although I didn’t think I was mad – quite the opposite, in fact, I felt awake for the first time in my life, but my family did think I was mad. I laughed for seven days. My heart wanted to burst with love. I wanted to give everything away and wander the globe. I also read Valis, twice I think, and reorganized my spiritual outlook, reconnected with music, and I love to write Visionary fiction. (VFA is interesting)I thought I was alone! Ha! What a strange, twisted, beautiful, mystery-loving world we find ourselves lost in. Thanks to you brave people for sharing, and good luck on your journeys!You’re not alone.

      • Eleni says:

        Hi Wayne:

        What a wonderful experience you describe, and yes, to outsiders it can appear as if we have gone mad. I wouldn’t have believed n the physicality of kundalini had it not happened to me. Thanks for stopping by. I also read, Valis. It was an intense read for me because a lot of what PDK wrote about I either experienced or had though about. I also returned to music, and yes indeed, it is a twisted, beautiful mystery, one that I don’t mind not fully understanding.

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