Great Review For Unison

I received feedback for Unison by a judge from the Writer’s Digest Self-Pulished Book Awards. I didn’t win this one, but it’s rewarding to be a contender!

“Unison’s first impression is quite good, with a cover design that may be a bit heavy on the “New Age” feel but is, in fact, appropriate to this fascinating hybrid’s content. The interior design is exceptional and of a quality that even the bigger publishing houses don’t usually meet. Proving that beauty is not just skin deep, author Eleni Papanou has created a unique story that’s equal parts post-apocalyptic science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, and New Age spiritualism with neither of these often competing or mutually exclusive genres overwhelming the others. This is an author with something to say and both the writing and design chops to say it well. The evocative writing has a poetic quality appropriate to the content but remains readable and welcoming, aided by a clean edit. The worldbuilding includes some fresh ideas, including the concept of “faith design,” but that worldbuilding is, as it should be, there to serve the characters, not the other way around. Unison is definitely a contender!”  “Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards”

Thanks Writer’s Digest!