Beware. Brainstorming Can Be Dangerous!

I’m not the type of writer who can spend hours typing away on my laptop. I  break up my writing into short sessions scattered throughout the day. Yesterday I decided to go for a run in the mid-afternoon to develop a scene for Forever Valley. I choreograph and play back all my scenes away from my desk as I’m able to tap into my right brain easier. Running, hitting the weights, lying down and listening to music and even taking a bath have led to big breakthroughs for me.

Towards the last stretch of my run, I came up with a great scene, and as I was putting it together, I took a tumble over a speed bump. Some kind people offered assistance, and after I told them I was okay, I returned home, nursed my scrapes and typed out half the scene. I then took a break to perform my motherly duties, and I finished my final session late last night bringing the word count up to 21,500 words.

More news: I sent off Jessie’s Song to get edited.  Whenever I send my work out to get read, I get this feeling like I’m not finished. As this happened with everything I’ve written, I understand that no matter what I write, it will never be perfect, but I know I let it evolve into the best story it could be.