Readers’ Favorite Awards Ceremony 2013

I just got back from the Readers’ Favorite Awards Ceremony in Miami. It was a dazzling experience, and I got to meet some great people. Debra Gaynor, the founder of Reader’s Favorite, was very personable and kind. She called up my daughter to have her picture taken  with us, and also when I went up to get my award.

Speaking of my daughter, she was well behaved during the whole trip. She never even complained once, aside from the beginning of the ceremony. The speeches bored her. I can’t fault her as I had been a fidgety child. And I’m a fidgety adult! But not during this ceremony. I think it was done very well, and if I win another Readers’ Favorite Award, I’ll definitely be in attendance again. The opportunity to network was worth the expensive air fair and jet lag that lingered with me until my departure date!

My daughter kept me running around each day. We went on a fan-boat ride in the Everglades and visited Jungle Island where my daughter had an interesting conversation with a cockatoo. We also went to the Miami Children’s Museum which she deemed to be too childish. Thankfully, I had the Go Miami card, which gave us over thirty-five attractions to choose from in a three day period. We left and went to the more mature Miami Science Museum.

It was an all around great time and nice to get recognition as an author. I’m proud to be a recipient of the bronze medal for Jessie’s Song. Thanks Markos Adamidis! You deserve a sequel for this one! And also for inspiring me to sing jazz again.

As a participant of National Novel Writing month, I remained faithful to my writing schedule throughout my stay in Miami. And today, I made it to 50,000 words, for my eighth book, The True Vanessa! However, I have at least another 15,000 words to go with this one!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Love and light,